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The Owners 

Susan Bennett, LPCMH

"No one signs up to be unhappy or to live an unfulfilled life".


I am in private practice as a Mental Health Counselor in Seaford, DE. In my private practice, I provide mental health counseling to individuals dealing with a variety of mild to severe mental health issues/disorders in an outpatient setting.

I have specialist experience working with trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse, neglect, and sexual trauma). I also regularly work with common difficulties such as depression, stress, and anxiety disorders.

My therapy approach is always tailored to the individual and based on a careful assessment and formulation of their needs and difficulties. Therapy is collaborative, and all clients take an active role in their recovery and progress. I use the approach most suitable to their presentation, drawing on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma therapies such as EMDR, as well as person-centered therapy.

Catrina Hinds, ACS/LPCMH

Maybe things just are not going well for you and you just don't know where to turn. Maybe you just need someone to help you make sense of some things in your life. I have worked with children and adults for many years and I enjoy it. At this practice, I have chosen to work with teenagers and adults that want a change in their lives and are willing to do some work to make those changes. Give me a call, come in and let's talk. Things will get better.

I specialize in working with trauma, depression, and anxiety. These are the prevalent disorders that people are facing today. We live in a world with constant challenges and it is easy to feel lost, overwhelmed and out of control. My focus is holistic and emphasizes natural approaches to wellness.

I am a Christian and I will help you to apply biblical principles to aid in the healing process. It is my belief that God's word holds the keys to Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual wellness. I also believe in using evidence-based counseling techniques in conjunction with biblical application.

Sonia Songui, LPCMH

I'm passionate about facilitating the change process in others' lives. It is a wonderful experience to see someone emerge from his or her situation and transition into his or her greatness. This transformation is what gives purpose to my professional journey and it is my passion to help others. I believe that everyone can find their purpose and pursue it fully to surpass their expectations and current belief systems.  It does require you to work on yourself and stay focused on your goals.

I have several years of experience working with various mental health conditions. I'm most driven by focusing on the "Here and Now" and moving forward. Everyone has a history that has impacted who he or she is today. It is a matter of moving past that story and working towards the future creating the story that you choose. No one should live in his or her past or relive the pain.  You must strive to live in your own best version of yourself.  Self-growth is an ongoing process.


I am extremely aware of the importance of being grounded in culturally responsive services. It enhances the therapeutic process when you're accepted and understood holistically. I look forward to exploring your counseling journey with you.

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